Our event, the 2013 Miyagi Chojun Festival has now completed. We have had a busy and enjoyable week of training and establishing new friendships. Please send your feedback to
Dear member of IOGKF Canada

CONGRATULATIONS for fantastic success of the IOGKF Miyagi Chojun Festival 2013 at the Niagara. Your hard work is a symbol of true Karate-Do. I am so honoured and appreciated that you gave me such a wonderful opportunity to participate to your MCF Festival 2013.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you to your kindness you always give to me. I truly, thoroughly enjoyed your festival and felt a great joy to associate with wonderful you.

On behalf of my Karate-Do, please accept my sincere appreciation.

Congratulation to your wonderful effort. Thank you so much to your generosity again.

With my sincere appreciation.

Kenzo Dozono
Oneigaishimasu Sensei,

Wow that was a wonderful weekend, Higaonna Sensei was fantastic and it was great to see him again!

All the teachers, gave excellent workshops and showed their great enthusiasm for their Karate. Their lessons and knowledge was much appreciated! Their demos on Sunday were outstanding!

Thank you Sensei for bringing Higaonna Sensei and to all you students for making this passed weekend a such a memorable one!

Sensei Mike Chinadi

Hello Nakamura Sensei,

First of all thank you very much for allow me to participate in such great event as MCF 2013!

I was enjoying every minute of my training with IOGKF top instructors and members. It was a fantastic atmosphere and I was able to feel a true soul of Traditional Karatedo and it was a pretty modern one as well and not a fossil :).

I want to say thank you Sensei Higaonna for sharing his Karatedo vision with us. It must be amazing feeling for you to be a part of such big and fine movement. I hope that will be transmitted to next generations as it is transmitted to your generation. Let the flame of Traditional Karatedo to live forever.

I want to thank you all the staff and volunteers for their open and friendly attitude. A separate thank you and congratulations with another great organized event for you Sensei Nakamura. I hope you will allow me to participate in such events in the future.

One more time thank you very much, with the best regards,

Oleg Raileanu
Karate is the only way to survive

Onegaishimasu Sensei,

I would like to take the opportunity to show my deepest appreciation of an excellent event. It was an honor for my students and I to attend training sessions with great instructors. The whole event was outstanding starting from the organization, to the friendly atmosphere, I was amazed to see how each student had the chance to train with each master.

Although the number of participants was high, but each group per instructor session felt like a regular dojo class size. My students had a great time as they were learning, practicing and making new friends.

Thank you again for the great effort and look forward for the next event. Please thank all organizers for the hard work.

Ali Awad
Shushinkan karate
Windsor, canada


My name is Oleg and I am from Naha dojo, Toronto. I have some experience in martial arts but I only started my Goju Ryu karate training recently and joined IOGKF a couple months ago.

I attended all MCF2013 sessions on Saturday May 04 and it was a great and unforgettable experience to train together with such great and famous karate masters and to receive instructions directly from Sensei Morio Higaonna. Very inspiring! Thank you very much for giving me and other members such a rare opportunity, I really appreciate it!

It feels like one big family to me now and I am really glad I have found and joined IOGKF in a middle of my life long martial arts journey.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

Oleg B,

Naha Dojo, Toronto

Dear Sensei,

I would like to congratulate and thank you and your committee for organising such a brilliant event. The training was sublime, it was a privilege to train with such world renowned instructors- I have a notebook full of pointers that I will take back to the dojo and work on!

I made loads of new friends from all over the world caught up with people I trained with in Okinawa! The atmosphere was electric, I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this gasshuku, I had not been to Niagara before and I have to say I was sad to be going home. Well done to all involved!

Kindest regards,

Ciara M


To all the IOGKF Canada staff thank you fir your hardwork and dedication, my special contratulations to Taki Dojo, for continuing to preserve Okinawan Goju Ryu in the Niagara region.

Nakamura Sensei, thank you for once again given us the opportunity to train under the best Okinawan Goju Ryu master in the World, Grand Master Higaonna Morio. Just watching him demonstrate his techniques, speaks millions of words on how hard I must continue to train to understand the art.

Thanks to the guest instructors; Sensei Andrews, Sensei Ernie, Sensei Smith, Sensei Villa, Sensei Linda and Sensei Kyuna for sharing the knowledge with us.

A todos mis hermanos latinoamericanos, fue un placer estar con uatedes una vez mas. Sigan entrenando fuertemente y nos veremos en el proximo gasshuku

Congratulations to all whom passed their black belt grading.

See you all in Tampa and Chile.


Genaro Liriano
Naha Dojo, Toronto


This was a most incredible event and very honoring to be in the presence of such great masters! The energy level was through the roof and I left on Sunday wishing I could be there for another week!! Being my first major training seminar with the IOGKF, it was very impressive and has had made a very lasting impact in my views of our traditional style.

I would like to thank everyone responsible for putting together such a great event and all who participated! I would also like to thank my Sensei at Keiko Dojo in Brampton for this wonderful opportunity!

Can't wait for the next one!

Dushy.K, from Keiko Dojo in Brampton

Onegaishimasu Sensei

Firstly, Domo Arigato to all the Chief Instructors who took time out of their busy schedule to make this event such a success. Special Thanks to Higaonna Sensei who makes the time to educate us in tradition and the culture behind Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu. I am in awe every time I train with Sensei not just the energy but the technical aspect of how much I have to learn on my journey into traditional Goju. Domo Arigato to Nakamura Sensei for faciltating this event and of course the Yudansha committee for the organizing of this event and the behind the scene people who helped pull this event together. I am overwhelmed with all my Seniors and hope that I can learn from them and make them proud to be their Karate Ka.

Domo Arigato

Tirrell Hill IGMA (Whitby, Ont)

From our students of Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts.

This event was full of technical knowledge and we thoroughly enjoyed how the event was divided with the Chief Instructors. It was fun to have different aspects Martial Arts addressed like the Streetsmart Defense. We enjoyed this event immensely and have filled our journal with kata "Cheats".

Domo Arigato

Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts

Dear Sensei,

The 2013 MCF Gasshuku was amazing! The people, the weather, the hotel and the location beside the spectacular falls all contributed to a successful event. It was a wonderful few days and we deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts in bringing such a wonderful event together. The atmosphere was one of warm feelings and mutual respect. Thanks to you, your family, your dojo members, the outstanding instructors, volunteers and hotel staff. It was a gasshuku to remember.

Sincerely and respectfully, Rainer and Eileen at Qualicum Martial Arts

I would like to thank you and all helpers who made the MCF such a successful gasshuku.

I look forward to seeing you again in Italy, thanks once again for the MCF.


Sensei Ernie Molyneux, EGKA

I'll begin by saying how privileged I feel to be part of the iogkf. Last weekend in Niagara Falls was the most amazing martial arts experience I've ever had. The opportunity to train with people from around the globe and to be instructed by such great karate ka was awesome!!! It was an honour to have instruction from Higaonna Sensei his presence as well as yours inspired me to achieve things I have until that point been unable to do. I would also like to add the fact that the people in the organization that I met and trained with we're outstanding. I made new friends from England and USA.

I look forward to Tampa next year and of course any gasshukus I'm able to attend before then. Thank you again for all the effort you, your family and your students put into making this a wildly successful event.

Arigato gozaimashita

Chris Englund, Keiko Ryu Dojo, Bramption

Congratulations on a successful MCF. Your hard work and dedication was reflected in a well organized and trouble free weekend. I wish you would extend my appreciation to the many Sensei that taught the sections. It was a rewarding time for all and it was wonderful that each rank group got to have personal time with each instructor. Higannoa Sensei was as caring and motivating as always. It was especially exciting to see some of your junior students participate in the closing ceremony. I'm sure this will live in their memories for decades to come.

Daryl Dagesse, Naha Dojo, Niagara Falls

Dear Nakamura Sensei

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and IOGKF Canada for the fantastic organisation of MCF 2013 in Niagara Falls. All the staff really made it one of the best gasshukus ever with their seemingly effortless logistics. The focus on training was well balanced with fun evenings of entertainment and some genius video song productions!!! Niagara Falls is always a wonderful setting that is inspiring in its power and beauty and rejuvinating with its ions to help us train harder!!

As always I am truly grateful to Higaonna Sensei for such motivational and informative teaching and I am now looking forward to training with him again at the European gasshuku, Italy in July. I also look foward to seeing you all there too.

Very best regards


Fantastic Gasshuku in Niagara Falls, Canada. Outstanding job by Nakamura Sensei and all the folks at Shudokan Family Karate Centre. The training with Higaonna Sensei was, of course, intense and challenging. I know that everyone that attended enjoyed the training with all the senior instructors as well. Special congratulations to all those who passed their black belt grading: from Bo...b Bolton's dojo: Jasmine Stanovich; from Mickey Brock's dojo: Allison Ault; from Sam Larioza's dojo: Jason Herrington, Melissa Gransden, Tom & Angela Lavich, Toni Reder and Julie Fisher; from Randy Kopke's dojo: Paul Thomas, Jennifer Olivier and Patty Kopke; from Mirko Buchwalds's dojo: Scott Denny, Delfin Flores, David Barrios, Mark Fisher and Geoff Allen; from Tony Ferrer's dojo: Josiah Tillett, Sharif Abdur-Rahim, John Barzal, Andres Paulino, Elaine & Noelle Pruitt; from Steve Duz's dojo: Sammy Tutone and Patrick Judge. Way to go USA, I am proud of all of you!!!

Gene Villa

IOGKF USA Chief Instructor

Finally I am back home in Australia! What an adventure Canada and MCF 2013 was! I would like to thank Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura and all the members of IOGKF Canada for their overwhelming hospitality during my trip and for all the hard work and effort that you put into the MCF event. I visited Shudokan Dojo and was given a given a insight into the IOGKF Canada family and I made so many new friends!

The MCF 2013 event itself was definitely one of, if not the best IOGKF event I have ever been too. The instructors, the staff, the students and of course Higaonna Sensei all created the energetic and exciting atmosphere that made the event the success that it was! I enjoyed everything from the all grades and group training, to the parties and I was really impressed to see so many senior instructors on the floor for all grades sessions, not only helping, but sweating it out with the rest of us. And who can forget the stunning beauty and raw energy of the Niagara Falls area! It was my first trip to Canada and America, but it definitely will not be my last! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for such a life changing experience and for making me feel so welcome! I will never forget it!

David Lambert


Thank you to all who participated in MCF 2013. If it wasnt for everyone participation, students and non students, this event would not have gone off as well as it did. It was an honour to train with so many different instructors from around the world and especially Sensei Higaonna. I know its getting hard for him to travel and its much appreciated and such an honour. Congrats to all those students from Taki dojo who did a fantastic job at the demonstration.

Arigato gozaimashita

Doug Campbell
Taki Dojo


Thank you to everyone involved in putting together a wonderful MCF. It was definitely one of the best weekends I have ever had. The atmosphere was truly one of friendship and of the celebration of traditional karate. I loved meeting and working with people from all over the world. I appreciated the generosity of all the sensei who shared their knowledge and love of karate with us. Thank you, Sensei Nakamura, for allowing me to participate. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to train with my IOGKF family. Thank you also to Rania and to Cathy Bagby for your attentiveness in seeing to my allergy needs at the banquet. Everything turned out perfectly.

I am feeling very inspired to push my training to the next level. My Sensei in Orangeville seemed quite pleased with my progress when I returned this week. He was also very sorry that he had to miss the open sessions at MCF.

I was so pleased for Sensei Bruce attaining yondan. When Bill and I first started at karate, Bruce was a shodan and taught our 7:00 am classes. I felt very honoured to be in his classes as he was always so generous in sharing, not only the technical aspects, but the history and culture and the reason why we do things the way we do. It was always very evident how much he cared to help us learn. He is one of the people who has inspired me to keep training and to do the best I can to help other karate students when I am helping out in classes. Congratulations Sensei Bruce.

I am also inspired to pay it forward, for the generosity of everyone who shared with us, both in the dojo and out. I am truly fortunate.

Arigato Gozaimasu,

Julia Boles

Home in Denmark again after a fantastic MCF at Niagara Falls. Thank you to Higaonna Sensei for great training and inspiration and thank you to all the instructors for sharing their knowledge, I learned ...a lot.

A special thank you to Nakamura Sensei and the Canadian team for organizing and making us feel welcome. Great idea with having the professional photographers to take all the photos (looking forward to seeing the on a web page soon

Great to see all the familiar faces again, sweat, eat and drink together and feel the IOGKF family atmosphere And great to get closer to some of you, thanks for a great couple of days to Pamela and Sensei Gene Villas, my wife and I enjoyed it and no doubt our daughters did too (Pamela we might have to go to court over them..... Thak you for presents and for being you... They are both ready to take the next plane to California)

Hope to see many of you in Sicily this July - ready for more fantastic training!


Dear Nakamura San,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and all your staff on a very well organised MCF.

I can say that IOGKF Canada is one of the leading counties in catering for such an event.

Training, Venue, Food, Entertainment and the Weather was fabulous.

You are very privileged to be surrounded by some wonderful people, and not forgetting the Master.

Love + Respect to your Family

George Andrews

Hi, Sensei. I just wanted to say thank you for yet another great gasshuku. I really enjoyed all of the training and instructors. And I especially enjoyed passing my grading! I appreciate having been able to train with you a number of times before that. I always learn something new! I enjoy learning from you. You are a very good teacher.

Hope to see you again soon.

Julie Fisher

Ohana Karate

Onegaishimasu Sensei!

Thank you very much for given me the opportunity to participate in the MCF2013. The gasshuku was incredible and very well organised.I enjoyed every moment.It was great honor for me to meet so many karate masters. At the training i felt the strong spirit of the traditional GoJu karate.Thank you very much again to all of you.


ShinShin Dojo-Montreal

Onegaishimasu Sensei,

It was truly an honour to attend the MCF 2013!

My daughter and I were able to train in every session for three straight days, and the learning was immense. What a fantastic opportunity for every karateka, regardless of rank, to be able to train with each of these distinguished instructors, and of course with Higaonna Sensei as well. I was so impressed at the time and patience that each instructor devoted to ensure that we all had a good learning experience. If I can apply even a fraction of the knowledge that was imparted to us this weekend, I know I will be a better practitioner of Goju Ryu. Although she doesn’t train, my wife says that she learned much about the “kokoro” of Karate from Sensei Kenzo Dozono, and loves his outlook on life! The social aspects and family atmosphere of this event were “top notch” as well.

Domo Arigato Gozaimashita

Dave Matthews and Family,

Taki Dojo,

Niagara Falls, Canada

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