MCF 2023 FAQ


Who is MCF2023 for?

Currently active IOGKF members.


Where is the event being held?

MCF 2023 will be held at the Holiday Inn – Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre on 3063 South Service Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


What do the different ticketing prices mean?

There are different prices depending on the number of days and after-training events that you chose to participate in.


Are early bird discounts available?

Yes. Please review the registration page for specifics. Registering by the early bird deadline is a little cheaper and it allows you to reserve a t-shirt in your size


How can I buy tickets and what form of payment is accepted?

You can purchase tickets online from our registration site using a credit card. Alternatively you can purchase at the event using either credit card, debit card or cash. Please note that purchasing at the event will result in slightly higher training fees. Please review the registration page for specifics.


Can I purchase my ticket onsite the day of the event?

Yes, you can purchase at the event using either credit card, debit card or cash. Please note that purchasing at the event will result in slightly higher training fees. Please review the registration page for specifics and note that Sayonara Party tickets cannot be purchased on-site, and must be pre-ordered prior to MCF2023 starting.


Can I pick and choose training dates?

Yes, you can pick the sessions that you wish to attend and pay accordingly. Attendance will be monitored to ensure you attend what you have registered for.


If I book my ticket online, how do I collect my ticket?

Upon arrival at MCF2023, please check in at the registration desk where you will receive your registration identification. If you have pre-registered, please have your QR confirmation code ready. Please only attend the events that you have registered and paid for. 


How secure are my credit card details?

We are using the Square payment platform, which is PCI compliant.


Where can I review my registration information?

Your registration information can be reviewed on the Eventbrite site.


Can I get a refund if I change my mind about attending?

Yes, refunds are available. Refund processing times will vary, and you must request a refund prior to attending the event.


If MCF2023 is cancelled, how do I get a refund?

In the unlikely event that this event is cancelled, participants will receive an automatic refund.


I booked the wrong training dates; can I change?

Yes, you can change your training registration. Prior to MCF2023 starting, please contact us at  [email protected]. During MCF2023 please see the registration desk, ideally in the mornings.


I can’t pay by credit card; is there an alternate payment method?

We will accept cash and debit cards at the event. We do NOT accept PayPal, etransfers or cheque.

Directions to / from Toronto Pearson Airport:

Taxis are available for hire by following the signs. The flat rate to the Oakville / Burlington area varies between $70 – $95 CAD. This is the fastest route. 


You can arrange Uber pick ups at YYZ through the Uber app. Please note the YYZ airport surcharge.


Alternatively, you can take two separate train services. First, from Pearson Airport take the UP Express ($12.35) to Union Station. At Union Station transfer to the Go Train service (signage is clear). If staying at the Holiday Inn*, you will take the Lakeshore West line ($12.30) from Union Station and use the Burlington Station as your last stop. From there a taxi will be needed to your final destination ($varies). This route will take longer (2 hours if well connected), but cost less. Please note that if you have not used the Go Train before, at Union Station train track numbers for your line are only identified 10 minutes prior to departure, so please pay attention to the notice boards.   *If staying in Oakville, or other areas, you will still take the Lakeshore West line, however your stop may vary. 


Directions to / from Hamilton Airport:

There is no useful train service from Hamilton Airport, taxis or Uber are your only option. 

Is there preferred accommodation I can book?

Yes, please consider the Holiday Inn – Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre where a special rate has been secured.

3063 South Service Road, Burlington


Phone: 905-639-4443


Please book yourself and note the below.

  • Booking ID Number: 1969452
  • We have a limited number of rooms set aside – 2 queen beds $138 CAD per night for up to two people $10 more for third or fourth.
  • Make sure you mention the event name and ID number to qualify for the special rate. Special room rate covers Thursday night through to Monday morning.

I booked at the suggested hotel. Are there any shuttles organized to transport me to the event?
Unfortunately the hotel does not offer airport shuttle service. Please refer to the Transportation section for directions. 

Is there a charge to park at the hotel?
There is no charge to park at the hotel

wish to find a partner to share rooming costs. Can you help me?

Yes, please email [email protected] with your details, and as we get requests we will actively work to match partners as quickly as possible. We will gender match partners and you will have an opportunity to agree: the actual hotel booking will still be made by yourself. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee a match.

Where can I find information about the MCF2023 agenda and schedule?

Please visit:


Where do I go to check in?

Signage will direct you to the registration desk. Please check in to submit your IOGKF passport (for attendance stamping) and receive your pass to enter the event and Sayonara Party access ticket if you have registered to attend the Sayonara Party.


Can I buy a ticket on-site?

Yes, you can, at the registration desk. Please note that we will have forms and waivers for you to complete on paper. We will accept payment by credit card or cash. You will only be able to register for training on-site. Purchasing Sayonara Party tickets must be done in advance as we need to provide numbers to the hotel: Sayonara Party tickets will not be available for purchase after October 20, 2023. 


If I lose my ticket, where can I get a replacement?

Please take care not to lose your event pass. If you need a replacement, please see the registration lead coordinator. Please have your Eventbrite proof of purchase ready. Note: event passes paid for in cash and any Sayonara tickets (cash or charge) cannot be replaced.


Should I bring my own water bottle?

Absolutely we encourage participants to bring their own refillable water bottles. Water will be available to refill your bottles from fountains and from water stations around the training room. 


Will lunch be available on the full-day training sessions (Friday and Saturday)?

Please prepare your own lunch and snack items as lunch will not be provided by MCF2023. Adequate break time to eat has been built into the training sessions. Please note the hotel restaurant is only open for breakfast and dinner.


Can I take pictures during training?

Please do not take pictures during training. We have professional photographers on-site who will take pictures. 


How can I find help?

Individuals who can assist will be wearing arm bands to identify them as volunteer staff. Volunteer staff will be wearing bright yellow arm bands. Please note that photographers and videographers will be wearing blue arm bands: this is to identify them as legitimately taking images, they will not be able to address event questions. .


Is there a dress code for MCF2023?

During training, gradings, etc, obviously your Gi. 

The Welcome Reception and Sayonara Party are smart casual. Formal wear is not required. 


Where is the Sayonara Party being held?

The Sayonara Party will be held at the event hotel. Signage will be clear: it will be in the main training hall. Please present your Sayonara Party ticket to gain entry to this event. 


Does the Sayonara Party ticket include food and beverages?

No. The Sayonara Party ticket covers a buffet dinner only. If you wish to purchase alcoholic or other drinks, the bars accept cash, credit card or debit card. Gratuity for drinks is already included in the drink price at the Sayonara Party. Drinks purchased from the public hotel bar do not include gratuity.


Please do not approach the buffet before the Head Table has, and until your table number is called.


How does payment at the Welcome Reception work?

We have arranged a set menu at Boston Pizza. Individual attendees will pay for themselves as they go, including their own beverages. 


Where is the Welcome Reception being held?

Boston Pizza

3120 South Service Road, Burlington

This is a 6 minute walk from the hotel.


We will be asking for your RSVP in the weeks prior to MCF.


Are there restaurant options around the hotel?

Apart from the restaurant in the hotel, yes, there are many restaurants in the area. Within walking distance are:

Will I get a certificate or some recognition for attending? 

Please be sure to bring your IOGKF passbook and submit it when you check in at the event. Passbooks will be stamped during registration.


Will my picture or video be used publicly?

Yes, photographers and videographers will be present and there is the possibility that your image will be used. During registration you will indicate whether you approve (or not) the use of your image on IOGKF social media. 


My question / concern is not covered on this FAQ site.

Please send any questions before, during and after MCF2023 to [email protected]

Have another question / concern not covered by the FAQ?

Please send any questions before, during, and after MCF2023 to [email protected]